September 10, 2015

Bair Hugger Warming Blanket Recall

The Bair Hugger Warming Blanket is used to help maintain a patient’s body temperature while they are undergoing surgery, as well as decrease bleeding, and lessen recovery time. Warm air is pushed through a flexible hose into a blanket which is draped over the patient. Meanwhile, air is also released under the surgical table.

The issue with this device is that the air that is discharged under the table may contain germs and bacteria which can potentially land on the surgical site. This can lead to deep joint infections, which are especially common during hip and knee surgeries. Infections may then require surgical procedures, antibiotic therapyamputation, joint fusion, or even removal and a two-stage revision surgery.

Certain symptoms will most likely be present if a hip or knee implant is infected. They include: fatigue, fevers, increased pain or stiffness, swelling, and redness around the wound.

If you have had a hip or knee surgery where this device was used and you are experiencing any symptoms, you should contact your medical provider immediately. With over three decades of experience, the law firm of Rudolph F.X. Migliore, P.C. is positioned to help those who have been harmed by these medications. Our law firm works with nationally recognized associated firms to reach major verdicts and settlements. Call our New York office at (631) 543-3663 to arrange a no cost, no obligation consultation to find out how an attorney can help you.

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