November 30, 2015

Veterans Phone Scam: Has the meaning of “free” changed?

The term “free” has been known to mean without charge. However, the meaning of the word has recently been skewed by a government program known as Lifeline. Lifeline is a plan funded by the Universal Service Fund, which all telephone companies and telecommunications providers contribute to. The program was designed to offer free or discounted phone services to Americans.

Recently, Lifeline has branched out to veterans, and advertised their services as entirely free of charge. At first, this may seem like a nice gesture to those who have served our country. However, what veterans do not know is that months after they enroll in the program, they must provide documentation regarding their income in order to continue receiving services.

Furthermore, the income documentation that they provide must meet certain standards. Lifeline operates on a need-based agenda. Therefore, if veterans’ incomes are too high, they are dropped from the program and even sometimes required to pay for the services that they have already received.

Please be cautious when enrolling in any programs such as these, and be sure to ask for all of the terms and conditions of the agreement.

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